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Perfume Oil Blends by Wooly Beast

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Our unisex perfume and body oils were created from some of our most popular scents, and are a unique blend of fine essential, fragrance oils and almond oil. 
We consider them all to be unisex, except for Rose City for some, since it is a more floral scent. 

Available in the following scents:
Lumberjack - Smells like douglas fir, tobacco, leather, and spices.
The Bearded Man - Smells like: tobacco, vanilla, cinnamon, and cedarwood.
Dirty Hipster - Smells like: wood and cologne, warm, woodsy, fresh, and earthy.
Rose City - Smells like a dewy rose garden early in the morning.
Trust Fund Hippie - Smells like the woods, patchouli, and a bit of fresh-scented cologne.

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