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Holiday Gifts for Kids

Eco Wooden Toys

Play Planet

Play Planet is an amazing eco business that you should know about. Their Waldorf-inspired and sustainably-curated toys make the perfect gifts for children who value their creativity. Their Penguins and Ice Floe Set will bring hours of creative winter fun for the little one in your life.

Eco Gifts to keep little hands busy

Play Planet

Play Planet sells sensory play sets that engage all children. These sets are This Frozen Winter Play Set is sure to keep your little one engaged with creative play throughout the longest snow day ever. All the ingredients have been chosen to minimize their carbon footprint and are non-toxic and free of artificial dyes so they are also safe for little hands.

Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark is a lovely small business that crafts American made items using maple wood that are guaranteed for life. How many businesses nowadays can guarantee that? They make really fun Christmas Kits that will entertain those busy little hands for hours (priceless, right?

Paper Doll Time

Paper Doll Time makes amazing paper dolls that are perfect for the older child in your life. This ain't your mama’s paper dolls! The best part is that they are magnetic making for frustration-free paper doll play. Do you have a Wizarding World fan in your life? The Hermione Granger paper doll set would be a perfect gift for the lover of all things Harry Potter. Or maybe your little creator is a cat or dog lover (it’s either/or my friends and not both). If so, check out he Cat Memes and Dress Up Dog paper dolls.


Simply Darling

Believe it or not, some kids actually like getting new clothes for the holidays. Whether you know a kid like that or you’re just wanting to treat them to a new look, Simply Darling. Their organic linen dresses have a vintage flair and are heirloom quality making them extremely eco-friendly. We love this Organic Linen Dress because it feels classic, is simple, and may end up being handed down through several generations.

Eco-Treasure Chest

Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark makes a handful of gorgeous, heirloom-quality, wooden items. They make Pirate Boxes to keep all of your little one’s treasures.

Sustainable Music Sound Tree

Play Planet

Play Planet sells a variety of sustainable and educational toys and gifts for little ones. Their iconic Grunspecht Rainbow Musical Sound Tree uses non-toxic paint and birch and maple wood which will outlast generations. The sound of the marbles falling down the wooden leaves is mesmerizing and soothing for busy little minds. Marbles of different sizes and materials will create unique sounds making it the perfect gift for your budding musician.

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