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Holiday Gifts for Him

Eco-Friendly Cologne

Deep Field Aromatics

The folks at Deep Field Aromatics make absolutely beautiful and natural, botanical perfumes that will linger. Jade Fir, their most popular fragrance, smells like walking thru a conifer forest, and transitions throughout the day to a complex variety of lovely scents. We also love Tiki Frequency which feels very gender neutral. We’re usually drawn to anything with sandalwood and this one doesn’t fail in our expectations.

Advent Calendar

Print Witchery

Print Witchery makes a slew of folk-inspired items from greeting cards to Advent Calendars. Why should the kids be the only ones who get to open their advent calendars every day? This 80’s Sci-fi and Fantasy Month of Movies Calendar is a super fun (and funny gift) with a scene in, where else but the video store. Pair this gift with a gift card to Blockbuster and you’re golden. In all seriousness, can they please bring them back already?

Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit

Honeywild Apothecary

Honeywild Apothecary’s Smooth Shaving Soap is the perfect zero-waste, easily packable soap to shave with. Add in a nice reusable razor and Boar Bristle Shave Brush and you have yourself a perfect diy eco gift set for him.

Eco-Friendly Slippers


A high quality and eco friendly pair of wool slippers is your best bet for that special guy in your life. We love all of the slippers by Kyrgies. Kyrgies sheep are mulesed-free which means that the sheep’s skin is not removed. They also use vegetable-tanned leather which means no toxic chemicals are used in the process. Kyrgies is also Climate Neutral Certified and donate 1% of their yearly sales to charities to help the planet.


Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark makes maple wood Decor Blocks in a variety of styles and can be perfect for that guy who ‘has it all’.

Eco-Friendly Gag Gifts

Paper Doll Time

Paper Doll Time makes amazing paper dolls. Remember those from childhood? Only these are funny, making it the perfect gift for the guy with a sense of humor, White Elephant gifts, or even for the guy who is hard to shop for because he has everything. The Frank Reynolds Paper Doll and would make a perfect gift for your guy.


Fender's Blue Hemp

Fender’s Blue Hemp makes CBDA/CBD Full Spectrum Oil that contains only two ingredients. In a world full of additives and Big Pharma, medicine with only two ingredients sounds like a dream. Better yet, those two ingredients are MCT oil and hemp extract and it is certified vegan and organic. What is CBDA you wonder? It’s a cannabiodiolic acid is one of many compounds produced by cannabis and hemp and is abundant in the live plants of CBD varieties; it converts to the better known cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) over time and when exposed to heat.

Cannabinoids are cannabis compounds that produce medical and recreational effects, from pain and stress relief to euphoria.

Eco Adventure Bag

Terra Thread

Let’s not beat around the bush here - men need purses, too. We can call them man bags or a “murse”, but they are essentially purses for men. Let’s liberate the men and allow them to bring all the things now. Terra Thread makes a Gaia Sling Bag that is made using Certified Fairtrade Organic cotton canvas in a Fair Trade Certified factory. This is the perfect-sized and easy-to-use bag for the man in your life.  

Eco Bandana

Pen and Pine

Pen and Pine is one of our favorite new businesses because of their designs and sustainability practices. Their Woodland Bandana is the perfect gift for that nature-loving man of yours. Their bandanas are printed locally using eco-friendly methods and materials.

Photography Workshop

Let's Go Photography

Let's Go Photography is based here in the beautiful Pacific NW, a backdrop for aspiring shutterbugs to get that perfect shot. Run by Oregon natives Marcell and Courtney Meili, their wedding photography courses delve into such topics as photo editing, pricing, SEO and more. A perfect gift for that creative type in your life, especially if they love karaoke and dancing too!
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