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Motherhood and pregnancy ain't easy. This candle is a perfect gift to that special Mom or soon to be mom that could use a little calm in her life.
When you’re at your wits ends, just light it up, take a deep breath, and think positive thoughts. Aromatherapy is a real thing, y’all!
Available in these scents:

CALM MAMA: inspired by the craziness of motherhood and how you just need a moment to yourself sometimes.  This one smells like a warm cup of calming tea.

Notes: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and musk

Scent Profile: warm, musky, herbal, citrus, and earthy

Scent Throw: medium-strong

CRAVE MAMA: inspired by cravings during pregnancy (which can actually get a little odd at times....ice cream and pickles, anyone?).  It smells like creamy hand-churned ice cream with a hint of dill pickle...surprisingly lovely.

Notes: vanilla, butter, cream, and dill seed

Scent Profile: sweet and herbal

Each 9oz candle comes with an average burn time of up to 50 hours.
Each 6oz candle comes with an average burn time of up to 30 hours.

All candles are US handmade and handpoured in Portland, OR in small batches using US grown soy wax and 100% eco cotton wick to ensure a quality burn time.

All Wooly Beast products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and vegan. We do not use any paraffin wax, palm oil, or beeswax in any of our products.  We use a blend of fine fragrances and essential oil that are free of harmful chemicals and animal testing.  

Never leave a candle burning unattended.  Always trim your wick 1/4" before each use.


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