Wooly Beast Naturals

The MUG of all MUGS. The Official Wooly Beast Mug of Awesomeness.

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This mug is sort of awesome. You can drink piping hot coffee or hot cocoa out of this mug. You could also drink artisanal whiskey distilled from virgin tears out of it while surfing a killer wave next to a killer whale, while reading the New York Times, if you were so inclined.

Or you could just sip on some herbal tea while wearing hand-knit socks you bought off etsy next to a campfire on the beach, and watch someone else drink hot coffee in the ocean while attempting to surf and spilling it all over their bare chest, screaming in agony. 

Either way, you need this stupid mug. It is an essential to your cupboard. You might need to store it in its own cupboard because this brawny version of ceramic mug will kick other mug's asses. It will also withstand heat in the microwave and you can put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, WTF??!!!!

• Ceramic, not made from other stuff that is not ceramic.
• Avail in 2 sizes, control how much awesomeness goes in your mouth.
• Dishwasher safe, cuz duh, washing dishes sucks.
• Microwave safe. 
• White, glossy
• kicks other mugs asses. 
• its got a cool logo on it.
• all your other mugs are already jealous that you've read this far down this page.



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