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Mother.  Mama.  Mom.  Mommy.  Ma.  Or, as I like to call myself, 'Mother Hustler.' These are all names for one central character in your life.  Mother's Day is only one day, sure.  Ideally, we are all celebrating (and thanking) our mamas on a daily basis.  But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't shower her with extra love (and amazing eco-friendly gifts) on this very special day.  

With only days left until the big day, we've compiled the BEST ECO Mother's Day gift guide for easy shopping.  

alyssa mckenzie cosmetics blush on pine and pinecone tree backgroundAlyssa Mckenzie Cosmetics Blush: this natural pressed blush from Makeup Artist Alyssa McKenzie is my new favorite thing.  What mom doesn't need a little help looking bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning?  I love that it's vegan, mostly organic, and gluten, cruelty, and paraben free.  You can even refill the blush which makes it even more eco-friendly!  In colors reminiscent of the beach, like Conch and Sunset, I feel like I'm taking a vacation each time that I spread it on my face.  This skin healthy blush is infused with extracts and botanicals to protect and nourish your skin. 

breast bust women feminist empowerment coffee tea mugs in dark and light in front of tree with pinecones and pine leaves underBust mug by Clay Gage Inc: some might find it odd to give the mama in your life a mug shaped like the bust of a woman.  Maybe you have that kind of relationship with her?  Maybe she'd find it funny?  Or maybe she'd find it empowering since she survived breast cancer?  Or maybe she's just a hippie like me and would find it natural and beautiful?  Either way, it works.  As a mother of 3 myself, I would want nothing more than to drink my morning coffee from a breasted-mug.  For me, breastfeeding has been an empowering experience and I love the reminder that I nourished 3 human beings on my own for many years.  

breast boob bust handmade clay jars in dark and light clay with soy wax candles by wooly beast naturals in different scents on pine leaves and pine cones in front of a douglas fir treeBust candle by Wooly Beast Naturals: this collaboration between Wooly Beast Naturals and Clay Gage Inc. is a 'melting' of two worlds - a lovely handmade clay vessel + a soy candle = perfection. Like women, each bust vessel is different.  Like people, they don't only come in one color (we even all smell differently - like these candles).  This candle is great for the hippie mama, the "Mother" nature-loving mom, and the feminist mama.  It can be reused as a planter, tea cup, or other container which makes it super duper eco-friendly.  

superfood facial oil with watercress by sacred mama organics in front of a douglas fir tree sitting on pine leaves with pineconesSuperfood Oil by Sacred Mama Organics: Watercress on your face?  Who knew that this superfood could be so powerful as an anti-aging ingredient?  We love that it is organic, cruelty free, and created by a woman.  Watercress has never been harnessed as an ingredient in skincare...until now.  It's great for hydration, for rebuilding type 3 collagen, and even helps to repair scars!  My face feels soft from the time I wake up until the time I'm putting my little ones to bed; it's that SUPER!  

waldorph inspired wooden toys for creative play by fiona and whimsy handmade in portland oregon sitting in front of a douglas fir tree sitting on pine leaves and pinecones in the imageFiona and Whimsy Wooden Toys :  okay, so technically these toys are for kids, but hear me out.  The reason that I included some quality toys in this Mother's Day gift guide post is this: happy (and content) kids make for a happy mama.  These Waldorph-inspired wooden toys will keep the kids occupied while mama gets some quality 'me' time.  And you can feel good because they are handmade by a mother in Portland, Oregon.  They inspire creativity and are heirloom quality which means that, not only will all of your children get use out of them, but they can also pass them down to their own children one day.  They are great for kids of any age!  They are even great for young babies who put everything in their mouths because they are made of wood and water-based paint (much better than plastic for chewing on).  These are a much more sustainable option in the world of toys (even though you likely won't ever find them in any landfill).  

mother hustler camo hoodie by elite teeshirtsMother Hustler Camo Hoodie by Elite Trending Tees:  When I saw this, I knew that it was perfection and that I had to have it.  How many of us mamas are hustlers?  I feel like a hustler every time I have to get all 3 in the car and arrive someplace within the realm of 'on time.'  Now I can wear my role in style with this camo hoodie.  I love how soft it is and it's lightweight so I can wear it throughout the year.  The lettering is gold and glittery which instantly makes me feel fancy.  Here's a secret: I wear mine a little more than I should, but who has time to pick out outfits?  Camo goes with everything! Check out all of the other Mama-inspired gear that Elite has to offer.  

virgo constellation zodiac sign watercolor print by forest cloakZodiac Poster Print by The Forest Cloak: What mama wouldn't want her (or her child's) zodiac sign epitomized in a lovely watercolor constellation?  Heck, maybe I'll get one for each child!  I love everything by 'The Forest Cloak.' This "art for modern alchemists" would make a great gift for mamas who love art and science.    

causebox eco friendly subscription box for womenCausebox Subscription: With every change of the season, I am delighted to receive this little slice of eco-heaven in the mail.  I literally get gitty when I open it and try out all my new goodies.  At only $49.95/box, it's a steal of a deal since each box contains $200+ of eco-friendly gifts.  From jewelry to body care, there is something fun for every mama in your life.  


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