The Best Thanksgiving Cocktail Ever!

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So, I just decided to whip this up one chilly night and it has become my favorite drink right now.  It encompasses everything that I love about autumn and makes you feel all cozy inside when you drink it.  It's spicy, warm, and sweet. This, I believe, might be why our Bourbon Apple Cider soy candle is so popular.  So popular that we decided to make another small batch of it! 

cooking thanksgiving holiday meal while burning a soy vegan candle with cranberries green beans cashew cream orange whiskey

I'm working on my Thanksgiving feast on this chilly November evening and decided to make it a bit more fun.  I'm drinking this lovely cocktail while cooking, listening to the new Beatles album, and burning one of my favorite candles, Winter Wonderland.  I'm working on my cashew cream vegan mashed potato recipe and a green bean casserole so the kitchen smells pretty darn doesn't get better than this.  

 maple bourbon cocktail with maple syrup bitters and whiskey

Maple Bourbon Cocktail - 


2 oz whiskey (rye or bourbon works-I like Bulleit)

4-6 dashes of bitters (a vanilla or barrel-aged one works well or make your own)

1-2 Tablespoon good maple syrup (grade A dark amber works best)

Dash of water (optional: if you like your drinks a bit weaker)


Put all ingredients in a rocks cocktail glass, stir, and add a nice large icecube.


whiskey bourbon rye maple syrup cocktail for thanksgiving


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